THe Armed Man - 25 & 26 April 2015

The Edgecumbe Choir would like to thank everyone who was involved with and/or came along to our special ANZAC Weekend performances of 'The Armed Man'.  We love performing this work, and were thrilled with the two concerts.  THANK YOU!

“Every so often a work comes along that immediately grabs the attention and makes its mark so forcibly that it soon becomes hard to remember a time when it wasn’t there”, said Brian Kay on Radio New Zealand’s Concert Programme in 2010. 


“The Armed Man appears to be such a piece. This happened most famously with Handel's 'Messiah' and Mendelsohn’s 'Elijah' and jazzy settings of the 'Gloria' by John Rutter. Why? Simple answer is that choirs enjoy a good sing, particularly with the trumpets in full flow”. 


Karl Jenkins has provided us with a distinct ray of hope summed up by Guy Wilson as, “Most marvellous, valued, accessible, appropriate and singable music that embraces the whole world and the full range of emotions that the subject of war and peace evoke.”


Why has this relatively recent work made its mark so quickly? The answer – a clever combination of simple and singable melodies, dramatic effects and a  deeply moving conclusion. 


There is no shortage of troubled times in human history and now is as good a time as any for a Mass for Peace.


This text is taken from excerpts of Brian Kay’s Radio NZ broadcast 2010

Listen to the Beautiful 'Benedictus' from 'The Armed Man'