Joining the Edgecumbe Choir

Membership application
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We welcome new members and supporters. If you are intending to join, please contact prior to coming to a rehearsal so that a suitable date for you to attend can be arranged. Timing of this needs to be at the start of practices leading to a performance.

This can only be at our first practice at the beginning of the year, or during the year after a concert, at the start of practices for our next concert.  


If you aren't sure whether the choir's your thing, you’ll be invited to attend two rehearsals prior to making a commitment. After your two sessions and you want to join, then an audition is required. This is a simple voice session with the conductor at 6pm prior to a rehearsal.


Don't worry if you don't read music, there are plenty of members who can help you learn your way around.  All you need is a love of singing. 


Our regular weekly rehearsals take place on Thursday nights from 7.00 to 9.00pm at the church of St George & St John on Domain Rd in Whakatane






I like listening to choral music but am not musical. Can I still join or support the choir?


There are two types of membership:


Performing Membership is for those who wish to sing in the Edgecumbe Choir.  An ability to read music is desirable but not essential.  Prospective members initially attend choir practices on a probationary basis before deciding whether to join the choir. You must be a Performing Member of the choir before you can sing in choir concerts.


Subscribing Membership is for those who would like to support the Edgecumbe Choir, but do not wish to sing in the current year.  As well as receiving generous discounts on ticket prices, Subscribing Members get newsletters and invitations to the choir’s social functions.

Are there any age limits?


We welcome enthusiastic music lovers of all ages.  We are particularly keen to attract younger members: we offer a youth rate subscription for both Performing and Subscribing Members under 26.

What will we wear in our performances?


Our current uniforms are black trousers or skirts and black tops. Women wear coloured musical scarves and men coloured musical handkerchiefs.